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By some twist of fate, an accidental click of a mouse button, or a sudden stroke of curiosity, you’ve found your way to my virtual writing desk. Feel free to poke around for something that captures your interest and, meanwhile, excuse the messy, unfinished state of the pieces you find here. Virtual writing desks, much like real ones, are bound to be littered with post-it notes, half-written pages, and crumpled paper balls ready for the trash bin.

There’s a small project I have been working on that you could check out here. Otherwise, take a look around and, if you wish, leave a few thoughts of your own. Sometimes a writing desk just needs another set of eyes to find meaning in the storm of papers and ideas. Happy reading!




After those numberless days in that stark white room, the garden was a paradise. Jing had felt herself come alive, energized by the fresh air and cool breeze. It was there that she first experienced the connection to the gift he had given her, and eventually learned how to use it.

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“Chapter One (Part II),” The Academy

Haven’t they always done everything together? Weren’t they twins? …Didn’t this mean that they were supposed to be┬áthe same?

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“His Beginning,” The Academy