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By some twist of fate, an accidental click of a mouse button, or a sudden stroke of curiosity, you’ve found your way to my virtual writing desk. Feel free to poke around for something that captures your interest and, meanwhile, excuse the messy, unfinished state of the pieces you find here. Virtual writing desks, much like real ones, are bound to be littered with post-it notes, half-written pages, and crumpled paper balls ready for the trash bin.

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Only then would you understand what it meant to have someone finally see you. To extend that hand you didn’t even realize you were waiting for. Then you might see how someone like him, even after all he’s done to her, can still be so important. So cherished. He is her beginning. Her identity.

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“Their Encounter,” The Academy

I like Victor because it exudes an old-world, almost aristocratic, elegance- that sedated charm and cool reservation I picture when I think of him. He was born into a respected family with gifted ties that span eleven generations and, as you can imagine, he was raised with all of the social graces that accompany this position. However, it was the education and training that was denied him because of his peculiar shortcoming that added the cold, hard glint to his gray eyes.

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“His Name,” The Academy