His Beginning

Dear Reader,

I started to tell you about him here, the ungifted child of gifted parents. He is one of those rare few, a child who stands at the gates of the gifted community, who is forced to learn the difficult lesson that these gates will remain forever closed. At least to him.

He grew up in a happy home with an older brother and younger sister. Their childhood was filled with laughter and joy and magic. When he was younger, he didn’t know the difference between being around magic and actually possessing it. But when his parents started preparing his brother for school, he began to get an inkling that something was not right. Haven’t they always done everything together? Weren’t they twins? …Didn’t this mean that they were supposed to be the same? His mother explained that sometimes children–even twins–develop at different rates. His gifts would come eventually. He just had to be patient and wait. 

And he tried to believe her, pushing his worries away for a time. Besides, he had his sister and there was still laughter and joy and magic in the house. It wasn’t until she left two years later that he began to feel truly alone. When he asked what their school was like, they shook their heads, whispered secrets to each other, and tried to distract him with their magic. But the tricks became tiresome and he withdrew more and more into himself, wondering why he was different, why he didn’t have magic of his own.

Before long, this sadness grew into resentment, anger, and then a long burning hatred.

I still haven’t come up with a name for him yet, but I hope this gives you a better sense of his beginnings, of how loneliness can break a person and transform a young, innocent child into something dark and twisted… More on him soon!



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