Characters, World Building

His Creation

Dear Reader,

I told you here that his goal was to give her the perfect gift, one that could not possibly be denied by the gifted community. After he began talking to her, telling her of his grand plans, she became the sole focus of his testing. And perhaps it was their shared conviction in his dream that eventually led to the breakthrough; whatever it was, it seemed that her body could withstand the chemical and electric treatments better than any of his previous subjects. So after years of research, testing, and training–because this kind of work takes time–he, or rather, they, succeeded.

She became the first synthetic gifted being.

When he initially embarked on this project, he knew that the gift he gave her would have to be different than anything else anyone had ever seen or heard of before. But to understand the gravity of what he has accomplished, I have to tell you more about the magic that the gifted possess.

Their magic is quite literally a gift, an ability that they have been granted upon birth. As I mentioned here these gifts are often passed down from gifted parents to their children, but to this day no one knows why certain individuals are given (or denied) gifts. Of course, many have come up with religious theories, suggesting that the gifted have been chosen by one god or another to lead the human race, to help their ungifted brothers and sisters find salvation. But this is just a theory, and one of the tamer ones at that.

In any case, to have magic is to possess an ability that allows you to borrow power from another source or substance. It means that you have a special connection, whether it is to natural forces, precious gems or metals, animals, plant life, even music and language, a connection that you can draw on to accomplish tasks that ordinary humans could only dream of.

Knowing this, he had to produce the unthinkable. Her power would have to challenge the very idea of the “gift,” the borrowing of power from another source; instead it must be a gift of generation– the ability to create power.

The endless series of electric currents he subjected her to as a child and the chemical injections used to improve her body’s healing capacity gradually transformed her genetic and physiological makeup. I cannot go into detail about the science here (because it’s speculative fiction, so you will have to bear with me), but just know that she can generate electric and magnetic fields at will. It was a torturous process, learning the full extent of her body’s limits, but she did it for him. For his dreams. And hers.

I’ll leave it there for now to give you a chance to take this new knowledge in, about gifts more generally and of course the unique power that he has given her.



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