The Interrogations

Dear Reader,

I left off here with the interrogations. If you remember, they brought her to a heavily reinforced prison intended for gifted criminals. After their tests revealed nothing, at least nothing their scientists could understand, they had no choice but to bring in their best interrogators- gifted persons with the ability to tell immediately if someone was speaking the truth (or not)- better than any lie detector.

They began with the expected questions: Who are you? Where did you come from? Who are your parents? How do you possess such powers? …Where have you been all this time? 

She responded to their questions with the truth, just like he had told her to. Anything less and they would have seen right through her. When he first spoke to her about his plans, there was one important lesson he told her she must learn: that the truth is flexible. “If you believe–truly believe–what you are saying, then they will believe you too.” His words ran through her mind as she answered their questions. One by one. With the truth.

“I don’t know… I can’t remember. I don’t- No, I never knew them… These gifts, they’re a part of me… All I can say is that I’ve been lost for a long time…”

There were more questions of course, but repeating them here would be tedious. Just know that they covered their bases, asking questions over and over again, in different ways, waiting for her to trip up, to reveal some secret that she must surely be holding on to. For some sessions there was only one of them, and for others they would come in groups, hoping to intimidate her with their number.

As the hours dragged along, she was grateful for the training he made her endure. Cracked lips and a parched throat from their endless questioning were only mild discomforts, nothing that she couldn’t handle after the months of simulations they ran for this very purpose- the nights he kept her up, drilling question after question, refusing to give her food and water, sometimes for days, until she gave him the answer he wanted. Those training sessions taught her that staying alert, saying as little as possible, and remaining impassive even when she wanted to break would be necessary for her survival. After all, even he didn’t know what was in store for her here among the gifted.

Her amnesia was probably what saved her in the end; it convinced them that she was telling the truth. Her brain scans showing injuries consistent with memory loss added further proof to her story. Finally, it was determined that she would be released.

That they would set her free.

I’ll leave it there for you to contemplate what this freedom means for her now.




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