Characters, World Building


Dear Reader,

I told you here  that she was going to be freed, but that was probably a bit misleading. What I meant was that they decided to release her from the prison after their tests and interrogations proved that she did not pose an immediate threat. Her power was indeed still a mystery, but they reasoned that it didn’t justify keeping her locked up like a criminal, deprived of even the most basic comforts. After all, she was one of them. A gifted girl who had endured unimaginable suffering, ripped from the very community that should have been her birth right.

The real question was where to take her now, especially when she had no memory of a family or connections to speak of. They knew that a relentless investigation would have to be conducted to discover who she was and why her parents (obviously gifted persons) felt the need to hide her away. But all of those preparations would have to be made in due time. For now, they needed to find a solution, if only a temporary one.

After much deliberation, they decided that she would be brought to the Academy. It was where she belonged anyway- a gifted girl of seventeen or eighteen should be honing her skills, figuring out what kinds of contributions she could make to the community. And especially with her extraordinary gifts, she needed the right people training her, teaching her how to control and enhance these powers.

They knew her admittance into the school would undoubtedly cause a stir. Even now, despite the precautions they took to keep the story of her discovery under wraps, news had leaked out and rumors were already spreading. Everyone was talking about her, this gifted girl who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Some reports claimed that she was a fraud, a ruse to distract the attention of the elders from a clandestine attack against the gifted community; others, religious fanatics mainly, called her a miracle child brought here to save the gifted and ungifted alike; but most people had already turned inwards, making wild assumptions about who her gifted parents were and why they decided to abandon their own child.

Her existence had become an overnight sensation. And while he watched the ripples she created on tele-screens and within polite conversations, he had to smile.  Their plan was already working.

I’ll leave it there for now, for you to think about how she has disrupted the calm order of this world, the sudden strain she has placed on the shoulders of those most privileged.




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