His Name

Dear Reader,

Now that you finally know her name, I guess I should tell you his name too. There isn’t a “real” origin story for this name, at least nothing like Jing’s. But after much thought, I have decided to call him Victor, after Dr. Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley’s famous novel. Even if you haven’t read Frankenstein, I’m sure you know the general gist of the story–it is a tale about a young, hopeful university student who possesses a strong aptitude for the sciences, and chemistry in particular. He becomes obsessed with studying outdated theories on alchemy and natural philosophy, and somehow happens upon an extraordinary discovery that grants him the ability to give life to nonliving matter. That is how the monster–the creature we often mistakenly call Frankenstein–came to be.

As you have probably noticed, there are many resonances between the Victor of my story and that of Shelley’s Frankenstein. They are both driven, intelligent men who are captivated by the possibility of doing the impossible. And, more importantly, they succeed.

Of course, there are crucial differences as well. The Victor of this story is propelled by anger and hate, an intense desire for revenge, rather than a thirst for knowledge and understanding. Moreover, he does not run from his creation in fear and repulsion, but chooses to embrace her. She is the center of the plan he has been dreaming up for so long. And in this story, she is the monster he decides to unleash upon the gifted community, to make them regret their mistake in barring him from their illustrious gates.

I know it’s a bit cliche to borrow names like this, but somehow it fits. I like Victor because it exudes an old-world, almost aristocratic, elegance- that sedated charm and cool reservation I picture when I think of him. He was born into a respected family with gifted ties that span eleven generations and, as you can imagine, he was raised with all of the social graces that accompany this position. However, it was the education and training that was denied him because of his peculiar shortcoming that added the cold, hard glint to his gray eyes.

Most people are awed by his intelligence and sophistication; they offer him polite smiles and ask him carefully worded questions, but his sharp demeanor keeps them at a distance. Luckily for him, she is not like most people. Even as a child, Jing was quiet and often lost in thought. You could say that their affinity for silence and deep contemplation was what first bonded them together. They recognized in each other something like a kindred spirit, someone similarly lost and alone in the world.

I think that’s enough on his name for now; at least what naming does is create room for more characters to come!




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