June 9, 2017

Dear reader,

There isn’t much you need to know about me. I’m just a girl with lots of stories to tell and not enough time to put them to words. In that way, I’m probably not so different from you.

This is a collection of my random thoughts and tales-on-the-go. I’ve found that the only time I have to really write for me is during my commute, in those small pockets of time before and after work, those moments in between so-called “real” life. Here’s hoping that the worlds I lose myself in on buses and trains, along city sidewalks and subway platforms, might connect with you in some small way.



P.S. The other thing you should know about me is that I am a terrible journal keeper, so don’t be alarmed if weeks go by without any updates. Don’t worry. I’m still here, dreaming up, if not exactly writing, my next story.