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Dear Reader,

I told you here  that she was going to be freed, but that was probably a bit misleading. What I meant was that they decided to release her from the prison after their tests and interrogations proved that she did not pose an immediate threat. Her power was indeed still a mystery, but they reasoned that it didn’t justify keeping her locked up like a criminal, deprived of even the most basic comforts. After all, she was one of them. A gifted girl who had endured unimaginable suffering, ripped from the very community that should have been her birth right.

The real question was where to take her now, especially when she had no memory of a family or connections to speak of. They knew that a relentless investigation would have to be conducted to discover who she was and why her parents (obviously gifted persons) felt the need to hide her away. But all of those preparations would have to be made in due time. For now, they needed to find a solution, if only a temporary one.

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Characters, World Building

His Creation

Dear Reader,

I told you here that his goal was to give her the perfect gift, one that could not possibly be denied by the gifted community. After he began talking to her, telling her of his grand plans, she became the sole focus of his testing. And perhaps it was their shared conviction in his dream that eventually led to the breakthrough; whatever it was, it seemed that her body could withstand the chemical and electric treatments better than any of his previous subjects. So after years of research, testing, and training–because this kind of work takes time–he, or rather, they, succeeded.

She became the first synthetic gifted being.

When he initially embarked on this project, he knew that the gift he gave her would have to be different than anything else anyone had ever seen or heard of before. But to understand the gravity of what he has accomplished, I have to tell you more about the magic that the gifted possess.

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Characters, World Building

Their Plan

Dear Reader,

You’ve probably been wondering about The Academy for a while now. I mentioned here that it’s the tentative title for this story so at least let me begin to tell you why.

You might say that The Academy is  the beating heart, the lifeblood, of the gifted community. It is the exclusive gatekeeper to the innermost ranks of the gifted, the place where gifted children would train to assume their proper roles in society, where they would first begin to prove their worth to the world. So, for him, The Academy was the place where they had to begin too. Their plans were contingent on her gaining entry to this institution, infiltrating its hallowed walls so that she could ferret its secrets to him.

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World Building


Dear reader,

I cannot start at the beginning because I am terrible at beginnings. I fixate on them, shifting sentences around, endlessly reworking the same tired paragraph. Perhaps you’re familiar with this strange mix of uncertainty, frustration, anger, and fear. I like to think you are. To get past these paralyzing fear of starting, I want to let you know that this story has many beginnings, some that I have been playing through my head for years and others that I still haven’t discovered yet. I hope that writing to you will bring these other beginnings into focus.

But for now, let me begin with the idea for this story- just the barest sketch of the project that I am tentatively calling “The Academy.” This story takes place in both a futuristic and alternate world. Its inhabitants fall into two categories: the “gifted” and the “ungifted.”

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